We Might Be Getting A ‘Batman: The Telltale Series’ Sequel

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Batman telltale

After Telltale’s popular first season starring the Caped Crusader, the company is likely planning to give players more adventures with Batman. A rating on New Zealand’s Film & Video Labelling Body may have just revealed the title for Telltale’s followup to the game, which has yet to be officially confirmed.

The listing refers to the season pass for a product called Batman: The Enemy Within. This naming convention is consistent with Telltale’s approach to the latest season of The Walking Dead, which was called The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. This is likely the kind of thing Telltale didn’t want getting out just yet, but embargos are tricky things, and this kind of listing can slip through the cracks. Now, all we have is this listing, with a name, which could be for a Telltale sequel — or for something completely different. Notice there’s no “Telltale’s” or “The Telltale Series” anywhere near that title, like there often is for Telltale releases.

Granted, Telltale is almost definitely working on a Batman sequel, because why wouldn’t they? But we don’t know if this is the name. Whether or not it is, I’m sure we’ll hear about it through the official channels sometime soon.

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