Lying In The Gutters – 16th July 2017 – Three Days To Go

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Welcome to Lying In The Gutters, possibly the longest running column in comics online. Is there one to beat it? Possibly. Do let me know. And while a certain Doctor Who news story hit today, what else has been going on around the place? What else have you been spending your days reading before it was all about 13th? Oh and there’s this other big thing happening later this week too…

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Will Change The MCU “Drastically” Before ‘Avengers: Infinity War’
  2. Star Wars: Battlefront II May Have Spoiled Something New About Rey In Episode VIII
  3. Neil DeGrasse Tyson And Family Kick Ass On Celebrity Family Feud
  4. Doctor Endless: A New Genderfluid DC Comics Character For Suicide Squad Based On Neil Gaiman’s Sandman
  5. Marisa Tomei Says Tom Holland Is Easy To Adore
  6. There Is Only One Way Hugh Jackman Will Return As Wolverine
  7. Report: Joker And Harley Cosplayers Shot By Police While Boning At Swingers Sex Party
  8. ‘Vampire Chronicles’: Anne Rice Needs A Lestat…And You Can Help!
  9. Captain America Has A Beard – Marvel’s Infinity War Teaser And Trailer Shown At #D23
  10. Did Marvel/Netflix Just Confirm The Punisher For ‘The Defenders’?
  11. iZombie Season 4 Kicks Off With A Story Of Corruption And A Shortage Of Brains
  12. Wanna See What Infinity War Thanos Looks Like?
  13. The ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Scene Marisa Tomei Wishes Hadn’t Been Cut
  14. Marvel Continues To Struggle With Own Legacy Numbering As Luke Cage, Avengers Graphics Revealed
  15. Gail Simone Dislikes New 52 Wonder Woman Origin
  16. Extracting Sandman Out Of DC Comics’ Doctor Endless
  17. TNT’s New Shakespeare-Inspired Series ‘Will’: Everything Wrong With Historical TV
  18. Rick Sanchez To Be A Golden God In SDCC Loot Crate Exclusive
  19. Dark Days: The Casting #1 Redefines Metahumans For DC
  20. Kevin Feige Teases The Future For Michelle In ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

And Ten You May Prefer…

  1. Why Marvel Should Really Publish A #STUCKY Comic After Secret Empire
  2. Everything Wrong With Thor’s Marvel Legacy Numbering
  3. The Historical Aladdin Revealed In The DC Universe As An East Asian Green Lantern
  4. New Duke Thomas Comic Signalled For SDCC
  5. Red Hood And The Outlaws #12 Sells Out. Is A Second Printing On The Way?
  6. CALEXIT #1 Makes The Front Page Of The Drudge Report
  7. Axel Alonso Vs Marvel Comics On Naming The Hulk And Lenticular Variants
  8. For Those People Who Say San Diego Comic-Con Isn’t About The Comics Anymore…
  9. Alex Ross Puts Uncle Sam’s Neck In The Noose For San Diego Comic-Con
  10. Frank Miller Adds To Silver Foil DC Comics Variants Of San Diego Comic-Con From Graphitti


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