‘That Comic Page’ On Facebook Should Be A Fairly Easy Comic Book Piracy Takedown

Posted by July 16, 2017 Comment

Taking down comic book piracy websites can be tricky. And while torrents receive considerable assault from IP owners, websites where people post entire comic books have become more far more prevelant — and popular. Identifying owners can be tricky, as new domain names can be launched and the whole site can just be moved over. Being located in different countries can bring about issues regarding legislation across borders, as well.

But that shouldn’t be the case with That Comic Page on Facebook, where mainstream comic books are posted in their entirety.

comic book piracy

It would probably just need a word from Warners or Disney to Mark Zuckerberg’s people to bring the whole thing crashing to the ground. And maybe prevent the people behind it from starting a This Comic Page instead.

But it’s the Sunday before San Diego Comic-Con. Are people napping? Working on booth design? Registering the trademarks for their upcoming projects? The countdown starts now.

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