DC Versus Is A Battle Of Green Lanterns: Hal Jordan Vs John Stewart

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Today’s DC Versus brings up a very interesting match, pitting Green Lantern vs Green Lantern. And being that there are so many freaking GLs, there’s enough material to just focus on them for a couple years.

This pairing sets Hal Jordan against John Stewart — arguably the greatest Green Lantern of all time (the one arguing it is Sinestro) against the most meticulous builder and designer in the corps.

Green Lantern

Hal is all about willpower and uses his own personal strength and resolve to hone his power, but John was a soldier first and an architect. He understands how things are made and the value of patient and planning. Hal can make large and powerful constructs while John makes intricate and complex ones.

Head to head, they might be evenly matched — except when it comes to their flaws. Hal is a hothead; charges in and deals with whatever happens on the fly. His courage and quick thinking usually guide him through, but there are times you need to stop and plan first. John is filled with self-doubt and questions choices in his own past. He may be the better strategist, but he lacks confidence at times, which can weaken his resolve.

I like John and I think he is an excellent Green Lantern, but Hal Jordan is the first Earthling to put on the ring, and he’s still the best.

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