D23: Take A Virtual Tour Of The Disney Dream Shop’s Glorious Merch

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Credit// Disney/Image Group LA

One of the best parts of any Convention is the Con Merch. We all love swag, and we all love swag photos. But for those at home, seeing those swag photos of bedspreads covered in cool con merch can be a bit of a bummer. Because you know you don’t have it. And D23 is no exception to that rule. If anything, it might prove the rule moreso than any other convention or exposition, because it’s run by Disney. And we all know how much Disney loves to sell us merch. Most of the time anyway – there was a bit of money left on the table at Star Wars Celebration – but that is not appearing to be the case at D23.

But, to ease the sing a little bit – because those swag photos are definitely about to hit Twitter later Sunday night – here’s a virtual booth tour of the Disney Dream Shop at D23 thanks to Inside the Magic’s extraordinary liveblog of the expo. The Disney Dream Shop has a massive variety of glorious merchandise, including art, albums, and a ton of collectibles that would help you make your dreams come true. If you owned it.

Check it out below.

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