Nerd Food: Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar Is The Perfect In-Park Treat!

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Oh my gosh, you’re all probably sick of all the Disney posts this weekend. Well, sorry-not-sorry, because we’re not slowing this Disney train down just yet. Get it? ‘Cause Walt liked trains? OK, that was a bad joke.

It’s summer where I am, and it’s hot as all heck. I’m also an idiot, and I tend to visit Disney during the summer months when it’s exceptionally hot (although, let’s be real — I’m there every season). I’ve found many ways to cool down during my time at Disney, from rides, to free ice water, to swimming at my resort pool — there’s a lot of ways to beat the heat. Of course, while those are all fine and viable options, there’s one I am particularly fond of: the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar!

For $3 it’s one of the cheapest snacks in any of the Disney parks, and it’s pretty damn good. There is sometimes a line for them, especially in the middle of the day. So plan around that, and try to get one. Stay cool, everyone!

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