D23’s Mouseqeurade Cosplay Contest Was The Cutest Cosplay Contest Ever

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One of the many late-night attractions at D23 Friday evening was the Mousequerade Cosplay Costume Contest. The Mousequerade, unlike your average cosplay contest, is adorable because its all Disney, all the time. And, okay, I’m probably being biased by the thumbnail which is the coconut monsters, the Kakamora, from Moana. But Disney cosplayers, unlike your average con cosplayers, put an insane amount of effort into their costumes, and they often cosplay as things where you’d think: how could you cosplay that? I’m talking about you Ms. Big Thunder Mountain.

Some of the other highlights included a fantastic Elsa, a Star Wars crossover Rapuzel and Flynn Rider as Jedi, and a gorgeous Groot costume by winner Joseph Queen.

Not that the occasional game cosplay doesn’t strike you with the same kind of bafflement. I will never forget the Persona 5 menu cosplayers, ever.

The Mousequerade had quite a number of incredible costumes featured, and some pretty impressive reactions from both the crowd and the judges. But I’ll stop boring you and just let you watch it.

Thanks to Inside the Magic, we have a highlight and winner reel for you.

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