D23: Her Universe Unveils New Disney Parks Dresses

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Her Universe had quite a few announcements to make during D23 today, including updates on some of the Disney Parks dresses that were revealed during Star Wars Celebration, but also some new Star Wars and Avengers themed merchandise. Her Universe is now going to be a co-brand with The Dress Shop and showed off some new Avengers and Star Wars designs. For the Avengers, Her Universe’s Ashley Eckstein showed off a few Captain America themed pieces, including a cable knit sweater, an “I Love Captain America” dress, and a shield-encrusted sweater. The new Star Wars designs were all about Princess Leia. As Eckstein said, “at Her Universe we are really inspired by Princess Leia” and thus they decided to embrace their inner Leia fangirls and give us a ton of new Leia-themed couture including a new jacket, dress, and vest.

Both the Haunted Mansion and Mad Tea party outfits were originally revealed at Star Wars Celebration, but Eckstein had some more details to discuss with the designs and some updates to share. The teacup skirts and matching doormouse sweaters for the Mad Tea Party set will be available at Disney Dress Shops throughout the Disney Parks when they release this fall. Also coming with them to the parks are the Haunted Mansion ballroom and ballerina dresses. The Haunted Mansion is also getting an “Around the World” skirt which includes renderings of all the Haunted Mansion attractions from around the world, as they do not all have the same design.


Lastly, all the different lands of the Magic Kingdom are getting their own themed clothing. These dresses will also come to the Dress Shop and feature designs from Ashley Taylor. Each land will have a dress, but Frontier Land will be the first, followed by Fantasy Land.

You can watch the Her Universe portion of the D23 extravaganza below, thanks to Inside the Magic.

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