Lobo Gets A LEGO Figure At San Diego Comic-Con

Posted by July 14, 2017 Comment

Courtesy of Forbes, we get a look at LEGO’s new DC Comics line, debuting at San Diego Comic-Con. Due out in January, they will include a giant Lex Luthor, Krypto, a Superman prison, Reverse Flash, Killer Frost and more. And… Lobo. That Lobo. The proper Lobo. As a LEGO figure. Look.

And he’s got his space bike too. Just no dolphins or bulldogs. Yet. Here ‘s a glimpse of the other DC Comics LEGO sets and figures that attendees at next week’s San Diego Comic-Con will be able to play with. Or at least, get closer in person to…

And check out other DC Comics Lego sets right here.


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