D23: Life-Size LEGO Statues! Spidey, Buzz, Woody, And Cowboy Cap?

D23 is in full swing out west in California, and I could not be more jealous of all the people out there (especially BC’s own Kaitlyn Booth) . One of the best parts of any con is walking the floor and seeing all of the different cool displays and various giant things companies bring to the show. Like most these days, LEGO® is on the show floor with some crazy life-size brick statues and one mini-brick statue that is too hilarious not to share. Discussing Film on Twitter showed us some Spidey and Toy Story builds:

While our own Kaitlyn sends us the pics of two statues that show off some characters from the upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 video game:

Look at how adorable Cap looks!!!! man I want that in my living room. Gamora looks awesome as well. man, these people who do these builds do some amazing work.

Stay tuned for all things D23 all weekend long!


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