Marvel Continues To Struggle With Own Legacy Numbering As Luke Cage, Avengers Graphics Revealed

Bleeding Cool has been keeping you up to speed on Marvel’s ongoing struggle with arithmetic as it attempts to figure out what number to put on its books with Marvel Legacy.

Previously, we took issue with The Incredible Hulk failing to include the original Incredible Hulk six issue series while simultaneously including the issues of Tales to Astonish before Hulk took over the title, and all of this after Marvel had incorrectly announced earlier in the day that Hulk would be numbered #708, correcting the number later to #709.

Then, we had trouble reconciling Iron Man’s numbers excluding Tales of Suspense while Hulk’s included Tales to Astonish.

And the Deadpool numbering included Agent X and Cable/Deadpool, riling our comment section:

Today, Marvel has taken another crack at the whole thing with graphics explaining the numbering of Luke Cage and Avengers:

And it looks like they did a pretty good job.

Well, as long as you ignore that Power Man actually changed to Power Man and Iron Fist with issue #50, not issue #67, but the numbering works out the same either way.

And of course, you have to try not to think too hard about Avengers, which included an Avengers Finale issue after #503, not counted on the list, and the fact that New Avengers Vol. 1 is counted, but subsequent volumes of New Avengers are not counted, and neither is the New Avengers Finale issue.

And none of the “point one” issues from Avengers Vol. 4 or Vol. 5 are counted either, though none of the series so far have counted zero issues, -1 issues, or annuals.

But other than that, things are starting to shape up nicely.

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