New Indie Games Subscription Service ‘Jump’ Announced

If you have a passion for indie titles, Jump might be the new service you need to look into.¬†Jump is an on-demand subscription service that “emphasizes discovery of independent games” by acting like a game portal that houses hundreds of titles for a monthly fee. In essence, it’s like GOG or Steam, except only independent titles, and you can play as many as you’d like for a certain amount a month. Not too shabby of a concept.


Below are a few screenshots the company sent out this morning along with the official press announcement. The service is going to launch later this summer (no hard date announced yet) for just $10 a month.

The service will use what they call “HyperJump” technology, where you can play the game immediately without needing to download anything beyond the application. Below is a brief description of their service and who is on board with the program. Regardless of how you feel about major titles, the indie scene is thriving and this might be the boost it needs to put many of those games on the same level without being buried by some services.

Started by a group of independent developers and video game industry veterans with experience in publishing, marketing, and distribution, Jump has secured $1.66M in Series A funding from prominent angels including board member Montgomery Kersten, as well as Buddy Arnheim of Perkins Coie, and with previous Seed investments from Boost VC (led by Adam Draper) and Sand Hill Angels. Additionally Jump has a robust advisory board composed of more than 15 video game industry and Silicon Valley executives including Tom Kalinske (chairman of Gazillion Games and former CEO of Sega), Mike Fischer (former CEO of Square Enix and former head of marketing for Xbox), Louis Castle (founder of Westwood Studios and current head  of Amazon Game Studios), Tony Parisi (head of AR/VR at Unity and pioneer of WebGL and VR), and Rick Tallman (COO of Vungle), Mike Williams (former CFO of EA Games Label), and Robert Bowling (co-founder of The Label and former VP of Publishing at Humble Bundle).

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