See 10 Minutes Of 'Super Mario Odyssey' From Japan Expo 2017

See 10 Minutes Of ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ From Japan Expo 2017

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A lot of details have been left to wonder from Nintendo fans about the new Super Mario Odyssey, even those who got a hands-on experience at E3 don’t fully know what’s happening with the game and can only give you a narrow description with little to no video to show you. Until now, as you can check out a full ten minutes from the game on YouTube.


Below is a clip from Japan Expo 2017, where Loïc Lance recorded footage of a guy playing a demo of the game in New Donk City (using the joy-cons in each hand with no connected controller piece or pro-controller for some reason). The clip shows Mario doing what he does best in 3D games: running around picking up coins and talking to people. At least, that’s the last experience many of us had with him during games like Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy in areas that weren’t leveles.

It is kind of interesting to watch Mario’s new forms of transportation around the area, as well as the new layout of how you interact with places to perform small missions and open new areas. Also, collecting moon pieces? Interesting. Leaves a lot to wonder about on Super Mario Odyssey before the October 27 release, but at least we’ve got a pretty good idea of what some of the basic parts of the game will look and play like.

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