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Oh look, it’s San Diego Comic-Con in 10 days. Who’d have thought? Next week on Lying In The Gutters, I’ll run a rumour checklist of stuff that might be announced during it. Unless Marvel Comics announces them all first, spoiling their own announcements as is rather common these days. So what else have you been reading this week?

The Flash, top 20 stories of the week

Top 20 Traffic Stories Of The Week

  1. The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 Comic-Con Synopsis
  2. The Truth About Michelle, Zendaya And Mary Jane Watson In Spider-Man: Homecoming (SPOILERS)
  3.  ‘Pokémon GO’ Teasing Something Big For Their Anniversary
  4. [SPOILERS] The Mid And Post-Credits Scenes Of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’
  5. Arrow Season 6 Episode 1 Comic-Con Synopsis
  6. The 100 Season 5 Episode 1 Comic-Con Synopsis
  7. ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Will Change The MCU “Drastically” Before ‘Avengers: Infinity War’
  8. Another Comic Book Cover Causes Outrage Across The Industry
  9. [SPOILERS] The Explanation Behind The Final Scene In ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’
  10. DC Comics Looking To Scoop Talent For 2018 In Wake Of Marvel Legacy Misfire
  11. Howard Chaykin Responds To Controversy
  12. Lucifer Season 3 Episode 1 Comic-Con Synopsis
  13. The Latest Marvel Legacy Rumours Begin To Reveal The Shape Of Marvel 2018… Maybe
  14. Marvel Legacy Covers And Titles Were As Much A Surprise To Marvel Creators As To The Fans
  15. Have We Cracked The Secret Behind Secret Empire? The Vanishing Point And More? (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
  16. DC New 52 Continues To Be Reconstructed In Batman #26
  17. Nick Spencer Now Rumoured To Write Amazing Spider-Man
  18. Image Comics, Howard Chaykin Issue Apology, Pull Cover For Divided States Of Hysteria #4
  19. ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 3 To Launch In Spring 2018 (TEASER TRAILER)
  20. Marvel Comics’ Big Push For 2018 Will Be The Avengers, Shockingly

generationsAnd 10 You May Prefer

  1. The Strange Case Of Akira Yoshida, Marvel Comics And The West Wing
  2. It’s An Effing Bad Day To Be Fjackets
  3. Retailer Expelled From Marvel’s Secret Facebook Group After Penning Critical Op/Ed
  4. Will You Give Comics To Trick Or Treaters This Hallowe’en? Diamond Sets You Up…
  5. Improbable Previews: What Does Dan Didio Have In Store For The Justice League In Dark Nights: Metal #1?
  6. Frankensteining Marvel Legacy For October 2017 Solicits
  7. What Does Marvel’s Generations Promise For Secret Empire And Beyond? (SPOILERS)
  8. Jeff Lemire And Dean Ormston’s Black Hammer To Spread Its Wings For San Diego?
  9. Will Archie/Batman ’66 By Mark Waid Be Announced At San Diego Comic-Con?
  10. Marvel Legacy Hardcover For February – And Other Big Books On Amazon

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