Life Is Feudal MMO Is Getting A Fourth Closed Beta

Bitbox, developer and publisher of the popular Life is Feudal series of games, launched today a new round of invite-only Beta testing for Life is Feudal: MMO, their massively multiplayer take on their top-selling medieval survival game Life is Feudal: Your OwnLife is Feudal: MMO focuses on simulating life in the Middle Ages, with players working together to build functioning towns, cities, and kingdoms. Why add a fourth closed beta period? Well, you just can’t rush perfection, it seems.

The Closed Beta has begun and will run for 2 weeks. Previous closed and open beta periods were pretty successful, with a massive number of improvements, including things like tree growth, because no detail is too small for Bitbox. They really are invested in making this the most realistic medieval sim you could imagine. Though, the combat is a little bit stilted, it really isn’t too bad. Nothing like Morrowind‘s janky combat, and that’s usually where I set my bar for projects this massive.

Life is Feudal: MMO places players in a realistic, non-fantasy, medieval world where danger lurks around every corner. Players work together to gather resources, build shelter, craft tools and form a fully functioning feudal society in an harsh and unforgiving world. Players can take on many roles as they play – will you be a peasant farmer, the town baker, a gallant knight, a vassal, a king or something else? The choice is up to you and your Guild as you expand your territory in this Massively Multiplayer, group-focused life simulation and survival experience.

Life is Feudal: MMO is more than just a grand-scale survival game. The game’s special features, include terraforming, land claims, battle formations, realistic weather and climate zones and the unique health/stamina system.

You can check out the house building system in the latest trailer below.

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