It's An Effing Bad Day To Be Fjackets

It’s An Effing Bad Day To Be Fjackets

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There are a number of related websites that create clothing that are similar – but not exact – to famous geek brands. Bleeding Cool usually gets PR attempts by AngelJackets, but there are more using the same method and almost exactly the same websites and product, FanJackets, Fjackets, CelebClothing, WarriorJackets and more.

GeekDad was doing a promotional giveaway for one of the sites, FanJackets which it has now withdrawn after discovering the products were bootleg – and getting an admission from Fjackets who were approaching GeekDad with the same scheme. The e-mail reads

I just wanted to apologize to you for any unpleasant or harsh words used by me that may have hurt your feelings. Yes, I agree with you that it is very unethical to sell products that are not officially licensed. As a matter of fact these things are beyond my control whether the company officially buys a license or not. I am just a normal employee of the company who does not have role in any policy matters. May be in the future the company might get an official license. But at present the products are not licensed.

While Fanjackets also admitted they don’t own the IP to the product they are promoting but asked GeekDad to run it anyway. However, this was just story one.

 The Daily Beast has reported about a series of infractions against journalists contacted by fjackets by personal e-mail, also representing Celebsclothing and Warriorjackets. One specific writer who chose not to write about the company (she doesn’t write about clothing) was told “I can share your nude photos on all our social media profiles. I will show my skills with photoshop”, later being asked “What is the size of your breast? Can you share a topless photo of yourself with your boobs fully visible?” Apologies were made and the Daily Beast was told the individual had been fired. However the site throw doubt onto all the responses and identities of those involved as being fake, created by people in Karachi, Pakistan, a location famous as the source of so many of the fake phonecalls from Windows repair services, fake academic degrees and non-existent air duct cleaners.

Add bootleg geek brand jackets to the list?

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