Ubisoft And The ESL Announce The For Honor Hero Series

Today, Ubisoft announced the For Honor Hero Series, an international tournament program organised in partnership with ESL, taking place this summer starting July 8th across all platforms in Europe and the United States.  Following the weekly competitions, 16 of the top players will participate in a live event on August 12th in Burbank, California where they will play for $10,000 in cash prizes.

This first For Honor Hero Series aims to take the game's competitive landscape to a new level with an open call for players to join online weekly 1v1 Duel tournaments across the three available platforms over four weeks. Starting July 8th, registered players will earn points based on their rankings following each tournament. Top players from each platform will be selected based on overall tournament standings and invited to battle in a Live Finals event where platform champions will be crowned in Burbank, CA.

The Finals will be broadcasted live on the For Honor Twitch channel, For Honor's Facebook Live, as well as on Ubisoft's YouTube channel, which gives you a ton of options for how to watch the tournament. The For Honor Hero Series will continue to grow following this first competition based on community and participant feedback. To learn more about the For Honor Hero Series and register for online qualifiers, you can do so on the Hero Series site.

"At ESL we are committed to growing the esports landscape and For Honor's competitive ecosystem has been something we've all been looking forward to," said Sean Charles, VP of Publisher and Developer Relations, ESL. "With the For Honor Hero Series and the addition of ranked mode, there is a lot in store for future For Honor players."

In addition to the competitive tournament, the For Honor Hero Series will also include a caster competition to find a member to join the analyst desk in Burbank, CA for the Live Finals event. Those interested in auditioning can submit a casting clip on the For Honor Hero Series page.

For Honor's competitive play will continue following the Hero Series when ranked mode releases in a future update. Ranked mode will initially offer on-demand tournaments for Duel. In future updates, the ranking system will expand to Brawl as well as 4v4 game modes. For Honor's ranking system will allow players to have separate ranks for each game mode type while fighting for higher rankings and win exclusive loot. Those looking to get a sneak peek at ranked mode and more about the game's future evolution can participate in the upcoming second Public Test for Duel Tournament, which will incorporate community feedback and changes to the defensive meta.

For Honor is pretty well designed for PVP tournaments as is. One of my immediate impressions while playing the game was just how well suited it is for PVP and dueling, which ends up being almost the entire point of the game. So for Ubisoft to launch their own eSports tournament for For Honor really isn't surprising at all. In fact, we'd probably be more surprised if they hadn't made their own tourney.

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