Return To Planet Hulk With Greg Pak And Greg Land For Marvel Legacy

Greg Pak Will Return To Planet Hulk For Marvel Legacy, And He’s Bringing Greg Land And Amadeus Cho With Him

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In June, Marvel softened readers up for their Marvel Legacy announcements by claiming they would change the comics industry and then releasing a bunch of homage variant covers. It was a brilliant PR move, disappointing readers early so that everything that comes after seems more exciting by comparison.

Now, Marvel is slowly rolling out the creative teams for their new Legacy titles, including The Falcon by Rodney Barnes and Joshua Cassara, and new X-Men Gold artist TBA. Now we’ve got the solicitation for Incredible Hulk #708, which, don’t let the title fool you, is a brand new comic launching for Marvel Legacy in the Fall with The Hulk’s original numbering. Greg Pak and Greg Land will be behind this comic as it launches with an exciting new storyline that explores bold new ideas: Return to Planet Hulk!

Written by GREG PAK
Penciled by GREG LAND
Cover by GREG LAND


Continuing directly out of the pages of MARVEL LEGACY #1 and the transformative events of GENERATIONS!

When Amadeus Cho picks up a distress signal from a distant planet he’s shocked to find out it’s from SAKAAR. As the Totally Awesome Hulk, he’s been trying to avert the curse of anger that haunted Bruce Banner. But SAKAAR is a place for warriors and gladiators…a place where the Hulk fought brutally in the Imperial Arena…who is calling Cho for help?

In an interview with, Pak broke the comics industry fourth wall and said of the series, “Since this is comics, it makes sense that eventually we’d revisit the Planet Hulk storyline in some way or another, right?” though he later explained, “I think Return to Planet Hulk feels like the right title since we’re returning to the same planet, but we’re exploring a different part of it with a different Hulk. It’s definitely real and fits into the continuity and adds to the mythos and is indeed a kind of a sequel, but it’s laying new groundwork with some new characters rather than serving as a direct sequel with the same cast as the original.”

When asked by interviewer Jamie Lovett if Return to Planet Hulk will lead to a World War Hulk 2 super-mega-crossover event sequel, Pak tried to play coy, remarking, “Interesting question! We’ll all have to buy and read every dang issue to find out, won’t we?” But Marvel’s editorial is probably in full panic mode now that the internet has figured out the plans for their next crossover.

With Gregs Pak and Land hard at work on this story, it will be very difficult for Land to locate and watch enough “inspirational videos” to find references for one monthly book, which could rule him out of doing another run with Pak on Weapon X. Instead, Marvel has enlisted hit artists TBD and TBD for that book’s Legacy not-a-relaunch.

Finally, Bleeding Cool would be remiss if we didn’t remind you that, of course, you heard about Return to Planet Hulk here at Bleeding Cool first. Pip pip.

Look for Incredible Hulk #708 in stores this Fall.

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