Koei Tecmo Reveal New Trailer For ‘Fire Emblem Warriors’

This week’s Japan Expo 2017 that’s being held in France already has an awesome surprise as Koei Tecmo and Nintendo showed off a new trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors before the event kicks off. You get a good look at four playable characters: Robin, Lissa, Frederick, and Lucina, all of whom were previously in Fire Emblem Awakening.

This is a nice build up prior to seeing the game’s release this fall. You’re being given a decent look at the story and how the characters interact with each other, but you’re not being given the whole picture so it will entice you to purchase the game. This is how trailers should be done on a more frequent basis. It’s also nice to hear some voice acting instead of just still-frame images and bold text you sometimes expect to see from JRPG trailers.

Japan will get the first crack at the game on the Nintendo Switch and 3Ds on September 28, which North American and European dates yet to be announced. Smart money says you’ll be seeing those dates come up at the expo, along with some bonus information about the game. But until the expo actually kicks off, enjoy the footage!

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