Today In Pop Culture For July 5: Debut Of The Bikini, Weekend At Bernie’s, Arthur Ashe, Pokemon Go!, Ted Williams, And More!

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This Day in Pop Culture History

Welcome to This Day in Pop Culture History, our daily look at important events, birthdays, and other oddities in pop culture! History is important, and we aim to educate here at Bleeding Cool. So without further ado, here are some things that happened on July 5th, the 186th day of the year.

1865: The Salvation Army is founded.

1946: The bikini is introduced to the world.

1975: Arthur Ashe wins Wimbledon.

1989: Weekend At Bernie’s opens in theaters.

Today in gaming saw the release of Lord of the Rings: The Battle of Middle-Earth II (2006), and only one year ago (man is that hard to believe) Pokemon Go! invaded our devices. Also, in 1950, Bandai was founded!

Today in Pro Wrestling history, in 1994 the Vince McMahon steroid trial began and would last for two and a half weeks. The trial stemmed from an arrest or a urologist in Pennsylvania who was distributing steroids and other drugs to wrestlers supposedly under the direction of McMahon. The trial featured wrestlers and employees on the stand, including Hulk Hogan. The trial was mishandled from the word go, and under some possible dubious circumstances, Vince was acquitted of all charges. Vice has a great write-up on the trial here.

Also on this day in 1999 on an episode of Raw, The Hardy Boyz won the Tag Team titles for the first time.


Today in Bleeding Cool history, in 2011 Josh Hoopes posed as his own wife to scam people, and a year to the day later in 2012, he was looking for a job in customer service.

Today’s birthdays include Robbie Robertson musician (1943), Huey Lewis musician (1950), Bill Watterson artist/writer/creator of Calvin and Hobbes (1958), Edie Falco actress (1963), Ken Akamatsu artist (1968), RZA musician (1969), and Jenji Kohan writer/producer (1969).

Baseball great Ted Williams passed away on this date in 2002.

In celebration of the birth of the bikini, it is National Bikini Day!

Today in Disney history: In 1989, Tokyo Disneyland said hello to its 70 millionth visitor. And in 1996, the 500th Disney Store opened in Phoenix, Arizona.

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone!

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