Go Behind The Scenes As John Cena Fights Internet Trolls In Tapout Body Spray Commercial

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John Cena Tapout Body Spray commercial

WWE Superstar John Cena is an accomplished athlete and thespian, has granted more wishes for the Make-a-Wish foundation than anyone else, and now, he even smells fantastic. Cena is the brand ambassador for Tapout’s line of body sprays, and viewers of WWE television this week may have seen him featured in a new commercial for the product. In the 3- second ad, Cena encourages viewers to “defy the haters, stop feeeding the trolls, shut down the keyboard warriors” and become unstoppable by spraying themselves with one of six varieties of Tapout Body Spray.

Check out the ad below:

Today, WWE released some behind the scenes footage from the making of the commercial on their YouTube channel, including Cena doing his best impression of The Kool Aid Man. Watch the video below, and if you smell bad, consider Tapout Body Spray to mask your natural odor.

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