Enzo Amore Gives Impassioned Speech: “I Believe In The Good I Am Doing”

WWE Raw opened up tight with Enzo Amore giving an impassioned speech about how he isn’t scared, how he’s confident, and how he owes his success to his fans.

For the past few weeks, Enzo’s world has been rocked by the betrayal of his best friend Big Cass. When Enzo realized it was Cass who had attacked him from behind (rendering him unconscious), you could see the hurt on his face. Regardless of whether this is scripted or not, Enzo was very convincing, and I’m excited to see where they’re pushing him to.

After the speech, Big Cass was of course talking about how he’ll take Enzo down — then Enzo attacked him from behind. This rivalry has hit a lot of fans in the feels, and I think it’s one we’ll enjoy for a while.

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