Dino Patti Doscusses His Leave From Playdead

Dino Patti cofounded Playdead, the studio that brought us indie cult hits Limbo and Inside, but left the studio to work on his newest project. Patti's departure was mostly couched in a positive light, but details on the move were slim. In a recent interview, Patri has shed additional light on why he decided to leave Playdead behind.

When Patti announced his departure from Playdead last year, he said he made the decision so he could "seek new challenges." In a recent imterview with Eurogamer, Patti added a bit more information on why he left. "There was some kind of fallout," Patti said. "It is kind of delicate. It's also combined with other personal reasons."

Despite that, Patti was adamant that he still loves Playdead and the people at the studio, as he says he is still on speaking terms with "98 percent of the people there." Specifically, he insisted that "it was just time to do something else. I found a way to do it in a way where I could do whatever I wanted afterwards."

He is currently working on recently-announced sci-fi action adventure game Somerville with film animator Chris Olsen. The game "chronicles the lives of key individuals in the wake of a global catastrophe." Which sounds incredibly vague, but the game is still in development.

Somerville doesn't have a release date just yet and Patti wants to refrain from discussing the project too early, but he did reveal that completion is "in sight." Ideally, Patti said he "would like to announce a launch three months before you're fully sure it's going to happen and you don't feel bad about making people excited about it."

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