Image Comics Staff To Attend Trans 101 Webinar And Take Cultural Competency Training

Grace Ellis, Shae Beagle and Laurenn McCubbin, creative team of the upcoming Moonstruck comic book for Image Comics have posted a critical response to their publisher’s handling of two recent controversies regarding the Howard Chaykin comic book Divided States Of Hysteria.

But it’s not all words. They make a number of pledges to try and make sure that Image Comics doesn’t even consider a book like Divided States Of Hysteria for publication. And offering to pay Chaykin and anyone else at Image to attend a Trans 101 webinar. Something they say Image Comics publisher has endorsed,┬áis enthusiastic about attending and is urging other to attend. They also state that Stephenson has told them the publisher is “seeking out additional cultural competency training”.

The whole post can be read here. Running the Tumblr URL it seems to embed the whole thing rather than a snippet, so I’m going for a link with quote for now.

Moonstruck #1 is published by Image Comics in time for San Diego Comic-Con on July 19th. Here’s a preview.



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