Dragon Ball FighterZ, Arika’s Mystery Fighter Game, And Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Will Be Playable At EVO

Dissidia EVO

We recently received word that three unreleased fighter games will be playable at this year’s EVO championship series. Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be playable at the show. But the big shocker is a new, unnamed fighting game project from Arika, the creators of Street Fighter EX.

We first heard about this game back on April Fool’s, which may have led you to believe the project wasn’t actually happening. But that trailer, which included updated versions of Arika’s original characters throwing down, was indeed a legitimate game reveal. And that mystery project will also be playable at EVO.

All three unreleased games will also be used for EVO’s tournaments, as well. The announcement was originally made on Arika’s official Facebook page, and was then confirmed by Evo organizer Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar on Twitter:

EVO has become something of a fighting game convention as much as it is a fighting game tournament, so the inclusion of three unreleased games isn’t much of a surprise. This will also be the big reveal of Arika’s new project to a western audience, as the previous reveal came to us out of an exhibition in Japan.

You can watch that April Fool’s Day trailer below, in case you need a refresher.

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