The DLC For ‘Breath Of The Wild’ Contains A Fan-Discovered Secret Area

Secrets, secrets throughout Hyrule. Secrets, secrets don’t last you fool! Turns out The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild DLC has more than what they’re letting on. A little something from Reddit today as a user by the name of sharkystheshotty who discovered that there’s a hidden area in Hyrule that wasn’t there before “The Master Trials” was released.


He’s not revealing exactly where it is, but he did release several photos of his adventures through glicth-land. The only clue beyond visuals is that it cost them all of their progress during the trials, so venture onward at your own risk. It does look like there was something else intended from Nintendo, but there’s no clear design or makeup to determine what it could possibly be. For example: if it were say, a gauntlet run of just swarms of enemies, there would at least be a finished area for you to dive into and explore without the enemies. This looks more like something was there, then covered up to look like something wasn’t there.

Of course, this is Nintendo we’re talking about, so the likelihood that there’s something in Breath Of The Wild that shouldn’t be is highly improbable. So either one of two things will happen shortly: Either we’ll get a new patch removing the area, or we’ll get a new patch concealing it better until it is revealed later.

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