DC Comics Looking To Scoop Talent For 2018 In Wake Of Marvel Legacy Misfire

At this point, Marvel Comics’ marketing folk were expecting everyone to be talking about Marvel Legacy ahead of their creative team reveals. Unfortunately, they’re all talking about a cover by Howard Chaykin. And those who are still talking about Marvel Legacy, it’s not in a positive way.

The marketing has screwed the pooch, creators are gossiping against the publisher like crazy, whipping each other up, and DC Comics is poking around to find out who might be interested in a conversation about working for them instead. Out of the fat and into the fire?

We mentioned that not announcing the creative teams yet — and not allowing the creatives to discuss the comics that they are currently working on — has contributed to the lacklustre impact so far. But it appears it’s not just a marketing move intended to release information in stages and keep the conversation going.

I have been given to understand that in a number of significant cases, the creative teams haven’t been locked down and are still in flux. Indeed, if social media wanted to campaign for or against a certain creator on a certain book, this might be the most receptive time.

There are big books that will have real market impact being lined up for late 2017 and early 2018, but marketing decided to push hard in September and October instead of waiting a little longer. The homage covers were a filler announcement. Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso is receiving heat for allowing them to be hyped up in the way they were.

The ComicsPro call last week reassured retailers about 2018 plans and asked them for patience. Whether that will be rewarded with orders is to come…

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