Will Marvel’s First Female-Led Movie, Captain Marvel, Co-Star Samuel L. Jackson?

A rumor spreading around the entertainment media like a bad case of the cinematic clap claims that Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury will co-star with Brie Larson in Captain Marvel.


The Marvel cinematic universe has taken a long time to release a superhero movie starring a woman. By the time Captain Marvel debuts, Marvel will have produced twenty films starring male leads or male-majority ensembles, all of them also directed by men (Captain Marvel will be directed by the mixed gender team of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck). Marvel let DC beat them to the goal line with Wonder Woman, which also happened to be an incredible success, but nonetheless it will be a big moment when Captain Marvel finally makes her solo debut.

And she could be bringing along a friend.

A rumor has been making its way around entertainment websites to that effect, originating with a tweet by Omega Underground’s Christopher M. Watching the entertainment media on this slow news day, one can pinpoint the exact moment each website becomes so desperate for content that they’ll run this unsourced, unsubstantiated rumor as a news story, after resisting all day (except ScreenRant, who ran with it immediately).

“Have you got any news today,” editors around the world have been asking their reporters all day.

“There’s that Samuel L. Jackson rumor,” the reporters have replied.

“Nah, we don’t need to sink that low,” the editors have decided, until, of course, the situation became dire enough to warrant it.

“**** it,” they finally say at that point, hanging their heads in shame. “Run with it.”

For Bleeding Cool, we’re reaching that point of desperation now, but we’ve held out longer than many, largely because we were preoccupied with Doctor Who clickbait and not out of any increased sense of journalistic integrity. Nonetheless, here’s the tweet that’s causing all the fuss:

The Cambridge dictionary lists the meaning of “co-star” as “a famous actor appearing with another famous actor in a film or a play, when both have parts of equal importance,” and provides as an example: “The co-stars of Casablanca are Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart.” And asked to clarify if “co-star” is exactly what he meant, M replied:

Of course, this rumor should be taken with the obligatory grain of salt. But consult your doctor beforehand, because this slow news day isn’t over yet and there’s no telling what depths we’ll all plunge to before its done. We wouldn’t want you to get salt poisoning, after all.

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