Savage Dragon #225 Swipes Sex Criminals With Bagged Raunchy Cover In July

In recent months, Bleeding Cool has compared Savage Dragon (favourably) to fellow Image Comics title Sex Criminals, for pushing the limits of acceptability in the page, sold in comic stores and distributed by Diamond, pretty much as Sex Criminals had done, albeit it a different tone and purpose. But also noting that Savage Dragon had pushed at such limits through its 25-year run, without getting the respect it deserves.

Well, Savage Dragon #225 seems to have taken something directly from Sex Criminals, the bagged variant cover. Though creator Erik Larsen has a little shade to throw in that direction regarding his NSFW cover by Rafael Krás.

“Sometimes I do things just because it amuses me. Image has done a few NSFW covers of late, and while they certainly qualify as NSFW, they haven’t been especially raunchy. The thought of some reader unwrapping this from its plastic sheath and doing a spit-take makes me laugh… I love comics—all comics. Every kind of comic book. If it’s well done, you can count me in as a fan. Love the underground comics from the ’60s and ’70s. Love European comics. I love a good superhero comic. I love a good horror comic. I love a good fantasy comic. I love a good Western comic. I love a good sex comic. I love a good comic—period. Love ‘em all.”

As for the artist, Larsen says “Rafael Krás does amazing porn comics. He drew a Dart story for me, years ago, teamed with relative newcomer Rafael Albuquerque. Rafael Krás went one direction, and Rafael Albuquerque went another, and I’ve followed both of their careers with interest. In any case, having seen some other NSFW covers and knowing Rafael Krás’ work, I thought it’d be fun to really raise the bar and see what happens. Heh.”

Savage Dragon #225 is out on on Wednesday, July 26th. The cover by Rafael Krás will be bagged and priced at $11.99.

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