Raze: Dungeon Arena Wants To Bring That Hardcore Dungeon Cralwer Feel To Mobile

Raze: Dungeon Arena Wants To Bring The Hardcore Dungeon Crawler Experience To Mobile

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Every now and then, a game comes out that redefines gaming genres or even creates a new one, and Wonder Games really wants Raze: Dungeon Arena to be one of them. Raze is designed to try and satisfy players looking for both single player questing action and PvP/Co-Op multiplayer modes by giving them a hack-n-slash style, dungeon crawling RPG on iOS and Android.

Thats one hell of a promise to live up to, and it will be interesting to see if Raze will make it even halfway there.

Raze: Dungeon Arena has over 60 single player dungeons filled with baddies and boss battles. For those looking to make things a bit more personal, Raze offers 1v1, 2v2, guild battles, and co-op modes. So its a lot of content crammed into that mobile title. So its going to require a hefty sum of your phone’s harddrive.

The game will debut this summer with 24 fully-playable heroes. It employs a tag-team style battle system that lets players take any two heroes into battle. These two heroes can be freely swapped during a fight, offering a new layer of depth to both boss battles and PvP fights. True to RPG form, the heroes in Raze can also be upgraded with loot found in dungeons, gear crafted at the blacksmith, and through the development of their special skills and abilities. The developers at Indra Soft also plan to release a new hero each month.

Pre-Registration for Raze: Dungeon Arena has already begun. Grosvenor, the gun-crazed dwarf, is the pre-reg bonus hero. If you’re into that sort of thing.

You can check out Raze: Dungeon Arena in action below.

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