Halt And Catch Fire’s Season 4 Premiere Date PLUS A Teaser

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AMC is no stranger to hit series, their 80’s period show about the early hardware/software wars of computer manufacturers Halt And Catch Fire is no slouch. The show will be entering it’s 4th and final season this year, both a good and bad thing really. Bad that it’ll be the final, but good in that the writers and showrunners had plenty of time to work out how they want the story to end.

Today, the premiere date for season 4 was announced, along with this 30 seconds of teaser:

Early reports are that the core cast will be returning for the 4th and final season.  Lee Pace stars as Joe MacMillan, Mackenzie Davis is Cameron Howe, Scoot McNairy as Gordon Clark, Kerry Bishé as Donna Clark and Toby Huss as John Bosworth.  Anna Chlumsky (Veep) will recur as Dr. Katie Herman, Chief Ontologist.

The show has touched on almost everything you’d want in a scripted drama, the characters engaging albeit freaking crazy sometimes.  The on again off again relationship of Cameron and Joe is a constant topic of teeth gnashing, you’re never sure if you want them to be together or not.  Donna’s no nonsense CEO side never fully finds the balance with her struggling to keep her marriage to Gordon together, and to raise their two daughters with minimal issues.  Gordon and Joe, well that’s an entirely OTHER story about two men who really do respect and care about each other, even though they constantly screw each other over in a business sense.

Season 3 had some TENSE moments, teetering on the edge of suicide, professional ruin, and personal hells presented in an entirely realistic and heart wrenching way.  The performances alone make this a show I’ll personally miss when it’s gone completely, but really thankful it holds up to rewatches.

Halt and Catch Fire
is set to return on Saturday August 19th for a 2 hour premiere on AMC.

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