Droughtlander Respite: Diana Gabaldon Releases “Seven Stones To Stand Or Fall”

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STARZ hit series Outlander is based on a set of novels.  You knew that, right?  Written by Diana Gabaldon, the series contains (at this time) 8 published novels with one in the pipeline, several novellas, short stories, and one anthology that was just released today.

“Seven Stones To Stand Or Fall” is a collection of novellas that follow some of the untold behind scenes moments of the main books, specifically seven stories (Stones) that do tie in to the plot.  There are some really fabulous exchanges between characters that fans wouldn’t get in just the books, featuring Jamie Fraser, Ian Murray, Lord John Grey, and even the Comte de St Germain.

Direct from Herself about this release:

1. NO, it’s not the next book in the main series.
(YES, the next book is coming along fine, and when it’s close to being done, I’ll tell you.)
2. STONES is a collection of SEVEN novellas (“SEVEN STONES,” geddit?):
3. A novella is longer than a short story, and shorter than a regular novella. (General rule of thumb is that anything less than 18,000 words is a short story, anything between 18,000 and 60,000 words is a novella, anything over 60,000 words is a novel.) So there are six novellas and one short story in this book. (The novellas range from 30K-50K words, so–as you can see, it’s a reasonably hefty book.)

You can read the rest of her point by point about “Seven Stones” here:

This release comes at the perfect time for fans of the show, as production on season 3 just wrapped up and it’ll be a loooooong wait til September of 2017 when the series is set to return.

The OTHER good news is the likelihood that we’ll see cast and crew around San Diego Comic Con this year, since filming for the upcoming season is over, and theoretically they could carve out the time to attend.  Richard Rankin who plays Roger Wakefield on the show was confirmed to be on a panel.

We’ll keep you updated as any more information about season three of Outlander breaks.

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