Gaming Like A Bond Villain: We Review Noblechairs’ EPIC Series

Gaming chairs have become the must-own luxury item of anyone who does this for a living, or at least makes video gaming their passion beyond the 9-5. I personally haven’t had one in a few years, but my old chair was heaven to sit in, and have been in desperate need to get another proper chair since. So I was stoked when the opportunity came up to review a brand new chair from an awesome company like noblechairs. They sent me a brand new chair for review, so I cracked my bones and give this beauty a test.

This particular chair is from their EPIC Series, this one being a black and green swivel chair design with PU imitation leather. The packaging for the chair came in six pieces: The back, the seat, the base, the wheels, the hydraulics, and the add-ons. Putting the chair together took a total of 20 minutes, nothing really strenuous or back-breaking, I was able to do it by myself without any assistance or additional tools beyond the Phillips head/Allen key. There were couple spare screws in case something broke or got stripped, but everything fit together well.

The back of the chair is sturdy with the form-shaped setting to give you comfort and support as you sit, rest, or lay back into it. The leather doesn’t feel rough or grind against the back as you move, you just kinds slide into place as you need to and adjust (which we’ll discuss in a moment). The edges are a soft velour fabric, it isn’t water or stain resistant like the leather, but it’s a nice touch along the edges rather than having bulky leather seams that can rub and irritate the skin. A nice added touch with the company’s logo on the head as a great advertisement space to be seen during live streams or at eSports tournaments.

The base has three settings for adjustment. The first being your standard tilt-tension wheel, the second being height adjustment on your right, and the third being the tilt mechanism lock. The arms for the latter two are easy to find and designed to be adjusted in a pinch between matches. The wheels are probably some of the best I’ve seen on a chair as they glide across most surfaces with ease. They work well on linoleum and tile, fantastic on wood floors, and move fairly well over carpets and rugs.

The seat is pretty well done. It’s not a cushiony seat, but it isn’t a stiff surface either. It kind of falls into this Goldilocks area where it’s comfy but not too comfy, and that’s perfectly fine. Some people will enjoy the feeling, others won’t dig it at all, but I learned to like it after a couple hours of Overwatch. The base also comes with the two armrests attached and the back recliner lever. The arms can be adjusted to go further out by loosening the screws underneath and pushing them to where you’d like them. They can be raised and lowered how you see fit, you can also slightly turn them outward and adjust how far forward or backward they sit parallel to your arms.

The recliner level allows you to adjust the chair to become almost a second bed. I never recommend people sleep in gaming chairs just because it can’t be good for your back, but I also recognize that for some, gaming is life. So after ten hours of pulverizing your opponents into dust, it does make for a decent way to kick back and nap. I found it worked better just as a relaxed setting for when I watch Netflix shows or just want to rest while enjoying a Twitch stream. Combined with the tilt adjustment, you can turn the chair into your own hybrid bed. (Again, don’t recommend it, but you could if you wanted to.)

This particular model came with a pair of pillows which just added to the comfort. The first being a neck pillow that easily slips on over the top and can be pulled and adjusted to wherever your head and neck are. The second is a lumbar pillow, which uses the holes on either side of the back to strap into the chair, then you lift to where you need it the most for back support. Both are super comfy and soft, neither have any lingering issues with rubbing against your skin or clothing the wrong way. You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to, but they are fantastic to add in case you’ve been sitting a while and could use some relief.

I have to say, noblechairs have some pretty impressive lines, but this one is amazing compared to other companies I’ve tried out over the years. I literally felt like a James Bond villain sitting in it as I swept my way through several victories overnight. Like a lot of gaming chairs, the price is going to be a bit steep at $340 (not including shipping), but considering the added comfort you’re getting in this one compared to others that have sections that are straight up plastic on skin with some padding, you know exactly what you’re paying for: comfort.

I personally recommend checking it out if you’re tired of some of the more popular designs you see at tournaments or if you just can’t find one that works for you from popular brand names. But overall, I really love this chair compared to what I had before at my desk, and it works and feels better than some gaming chairs I’ve owned in the past.

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