Check Out 15 Minutes Of Episode Prompto From 'Final Fantasy XV'

Check Out 15 Minutes Of Episode Prompto From ‘Final Fantasy XV’

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In case you’ve been wondering what the new Final Fantasy XV content for “Episode Prompto” would look like beyond the trailer and the hype, look no further than the video we have at the bottom of this post. Famitsu TUBE did everyone a favor by throwing up footage of what it is you’re really getting, and the results from our end look kinda mixed.

credit//Square Enix

First, because it is the beginning of the episode, a lot of what you’re getting is cutscenes. After that, you’re getting a mix of what feels like a Metal Gear Solid title married to a rail shooter, complete with life bar counters that show you how much damage you’re dealing your opponents. The third-person shooter combat looks clean and doesn’t seem to have any major flaws in it, and the fact that you’re mixing up the Final Fantasy mechanics with that of a shooter makes for some interesting takedown scenarios.

According to Square Enix, this piece of DLC will last longer than the previous Episode Gladiolus content, but how expensive and vital to the story it actually is was never discussed. So that will be up to those of you who play it to determine whether or not it was a good DLC. We can’t wait to try it ourselves when it drops tomorrow.

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