New Mutants #87 Homage Covers "After Liefeld" - Should They Be "After Gil Kane"?

New Mutants #87 Homage Covers “After Liefeld” – Should They Be “After Gil Kane”?

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As part of Marvel Legacy’s comic industry change that we are still trying to work out exactly what it was, we got this homage cover for Cable by Rob Liefeld.

This is the famous cover to New Mutants #87, the first appearance of Cable, by Rob Liefeld.

Because this is the cover to Avengers #145 by Gil Kane and Dan Adkins.

Not only is there a superficial similarity in placement of images and poses but the hand holding the gun is a direct swipe, in terms of finger placement.

It has become far more famous and people have signed their covers “after Liefeld”. But Liefeld didn’t sign “after Kane” so no one else followed suit.

Even though he did for the cover of New Mutants #86, so it’s not like he’s averse to it.

But it is possible, if nothing else, future homage covers should be “after Liefeld, after Kane”? Here are a few others from Liefeld and others over the years…




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