Faeries Will Flood From The Faultlines From Midsummer's Night

Faeries Will Flood From The Faultlines From Midsummer’s Night

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Iris Compiet writes,

The Faultlines is an ancient name given to those places where the veil between This world and the Other is thinnest. It is the place where faeries dwell, creatures creep and magic oozes through the cracks. Recently the Faultlines have been stirring, opening up to all who wish to see and to all who dare to venture…

Faeries… I used to love them. I was seven years old when I found Faeries by Brian Froud and Alan Lee in the local library. I had ventured into the grown-up section, where all the books about ghosts and weird phenomenon were. The librarian hadn’t caught me and I was free to browse the ‘forbidden section’. I had never seen such a book, I took out the book over and over again, returning it and taking it out again the same day. Keeping a watchful eye no-one would take it out from under my nose. It was ‘mine’, to quote Gollum ‘it’s mine, my own, my precious!’. I had fallen in love, right there and then I knew I wanted to become an artist and create a book such as this. I vowed to become a fantasy artist. My poor parents gave up on ever trying to get me to study anything else. They knew a lost cause when they saw one. And maybe… just maybe I wouldn’t be too bad of an artist?

Fast forward to more recent times, faeries… never, never ever would I draw one. Unless its wings were being torn from its body by a witch or some kind of monster. Where once I had loved that world I now felt there was too much pink, too much sparkle and too many striped socks. I had my fill of it. I had heard people ask way too often if I could draw their kid as a faerie, or even their dog or cat. I had had my belly full of faeries and I couldn’t stomach them any longer. So it’s fair to say I had fallen out of love.

That was until june of 2016. I had seen a hashtag on Instagram #junefae and since I had been drawing daily sketches in May for #mermay I decided to give it a go. See if I could come up with some faeries I would like. I wanted to challenge myself, because ‘what do faeries really look like?’. And before I knew it there were faeries everywhere. Faeries of all kinds, irritating, dangerous, dark, infectious, moody, weird, somewhat cute but always a bit different. I had so much fun creating these characters and their stories.

With every daily sketch I went down the rabbit hole and met more and more strange creatures. I was greeted at both courts of Faerie, the Seelie and the Unseelie! The creatures began telling me their stories. I had lovely chats with friendly trolls and interesting discussions with swamp hags. Sharing them on Instagram on a daily basis people started asking me if I would want to make a book… and so the idea for Faeries of the Faultlines was born. It is to be book filled with snippets of stories, sketches and full color artwork, transporting the reader to a world that is the Other. A book meant to spark the imagination of the reader, to start looking at ordinary things with extraordinary eyes.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Faeries of the Faultlines was launched on Midsummer Night, right here.

A teaser video has been made for the project and can be found here.

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