It’s Not The Return Of Fantastic Four For Marvel Legacy… It’s Marvel Two-In-One

Posted by June 22, 2017 Comment

We wondered how Marvel would get around the restriction not to publish any comics called Fantastic Four, as placed upon it by chairman Ike Perlmutter after a particularly fruitless meeting with Fox Studios a few years ago.

Marvel had teased to retailers a “Fantastic 3” image earlier in the year, but Bleeding Cool revealed that was for a Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur storyline starting in October.

Many had interpreted Marvel legacy teasers as bringing back the Fantastic Four, but last weekend Bleeding Cool was given the nod that this was not to be.

And we also revealed upcoming plans from Fox Studios that will keep Marvel not publishing comics called Fantastic Four for some time.

Well, we now have the Marvel Legacy. It’s not The Fantastic Four, but the revival of FF spin-off title from the seventies, Marvel Two-In-One, the team-up book that originally featured the Thing and whoever else was around. And now teaming up the remaining FF members on Earth, The Thing and The Human Torch.

And a homage cover by Edgar Delgado.

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