Bungie Moves Up Destiny 2 Release Date For Server Reasons

Fans of Destiny 2 will be thanking the devs at Bungie for a few days after it was announced the date for the game’s release would be pushed up by two days. Since it’s more common to see games be pushed back, a lot of people were curious to why the change of date to September 6. Games Radar got in touch with Destiny 2 director Luke Smith and found out that it’s simply a server issue. More accurately, they’re trying to prevent server issues. Here’s a quick snippet from the piece:


Basically, it’s a bad idea to launch your game just before the busiest day you’ll ever have and just hope the servers hold up. What if they don’t? “If that happened on a Saturday that could be really bad,” understates Smith (as anyone who queued to play Rise of Iron will agree). As he puts it, the small change in days was “an opportunity for us to say, ‘if we can pull the data in for a couple of days [we can] ease some of the tension on the server teams and give our fans a win'”. That new Wednesday release date “gives us some time to adjust the scalability on the servers if we need to, if the game is bigger than we anticipated.” And, considering Destiny currently has over 30 million registered players, the chances are the sequel will be quite big.

So essentially, the push up was done for the benefit of making sure everyone could play the game and not deal with the eventual server crashes we all have come to expect from every online game on launch day.

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