The Bumblebee Spin-Off Will Be A More “Intimate” Transformers Movie

Now that Transformers: The Last Knight is out it’s time to start talking about the sequels and the Bumblebee spin-off movie that we’re getting. Screen Rant did an interview with producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura about the spin-off and where the series is going next.

When asked about what kind of movie this spin-off is going to be Di Bonaventura was hesitant to give anything away as far as plot is concerned but did say that we should expect a completely different movie tonally.

I don’t want to give away too much about it but we’re making a very distinctly different type of Transformers movie. It’s a more intimate movie. It’s a little bit like Iron Giant which I worked on many years ago. It’s a smaller story but it’s still about these larger issues, the same sort of titanic clashes occur. But it’s a female lead, the relationship she and Bumblebee develop is very different than what we’ve seen before. And so I think people are going to love the intimacy of that movie in contrast to some of the big ‘wham bam thank you mam’ you know?

The concept of the shared universe came up and how they are going to approach breaking Bumblebee away from what is normally a group dynamic.

Um, well, we’re going to find that out! You know, I think this movie opened that up. The whole idea of bringing the Arthurian legend into it sort of said you can do a lot of different things with Transformers that we really weren’t so sure about at first, and frankly didn’t have the imagination in a way of getting there until our fifth movie. And when you see little glimpses of Bumblebee in World War II, you’re like ‘wow, Bumblebee!’ you know, so you can see the standalone ideas. There are plenty out there that exist and I think that’s where the shared universe notion plays out into this.

When asked about whether or not they have the sixth movie plotted out Di Bonaventura made it sound like they have a very basic idea but no specifics yet.

No, not necessarily. We have some ideas but that may or may not play out in the next movie. We’re really waiting to see how the audience responds to this movie and what elements they really love because one of the things we found was – as filmmakers – that there was great freedom suddenly to break sort of the simplistic Decepticons vs. Autobots, and now, Arthurian legend, now Knights, and now humans have a role, and that was really exciting for us so I think we want to keep pushing out. So I don’t think you can anticipate necessarily that we’ll do a movie in sequence.

The director for the upcoming Bumblebee movie is Travis Knight who is mostly known for his work over at Laika Animation. He was the director on the Oscar nominated Kubo and the Two Strings and has a very specific eye for visuals. The Transformers movies desparately need some fresh blood and maybe Knight is the one to bring it.

Bumblebee will be released on June 8, 2018.

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