Justice League #25 To Be Drawn By Tom Derenick, Trevor Scott And Andy Owens With A Brand New Story By Bryan Hitch

Justice League #25 To Be Drawn By Tom Derenick, Trevor Scott And Andy Owens With A Brand New Story By Bryan Hitch

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This was the original solicitation for Justice League #25 from DC Comics for July.

(W) Bryan Hitch (A) Fernando Pasarin, Oclair Albert (CA) Bryan Hitch

“AFTERLIVES” part four! With the Justice League locked out of reality, the secret mastermind behind their predicament makes his move on the world of the living. Luckily (or unluckily), the JL is trapped in the afterlife with Felix Faust, who works with the heroes to fight their way out of limbo! The team-up no one saw coming kicks off in this extra-sized epic!

The Afterlives storyline got nixed and was replaced by a number of fill-in stories by other creators with new one-off stories as Hitch, Pasarin and Albert took a break on the book.

Then BC reported that Hitch was doing a brand new extra-sized length issue for Justice League #25, writing and drawing the whole issue.

But now we get further information from DC Comics, with the new full solicitation for the new Justice League #25… and Hitch is back to just writing the issue and drawing the cover – with Tom Derenick, Trevor Scott and Andy Owens drawing the book.

In this issue, an ancient cosmic evil is revived on Earth- a threat that once took the combined Green Lantern Corps to defeat many millennia ago. Now, how can six heroes and two Green Lanterns possibly put this cosmic genie back into its proverbial bottle?

This story is written by Bryan Hitch, with art by Tom Derenick, Trevor Scott and Andy Owens, a cover by Hitch and a variant cover by Nick Bradshaw.

And everything else looks to be jiggling along… as Bryan Hitch plans his final twelve issue, two story run on the series he launched for DC Rebirth. And a book that regularly hits the top ten for the Bleeding Cool Bestseller List every fortnight.

Which will take Hitch up to almost the two-year mark on the book…

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