Third-Person Shooter Mode: That's What 'Final Fantasy XV' Was Missing?

There are a great many arguments to be made of what Final Fantasy XV is sorely lacking or could use a tune-up of. I'm sure if I looked, I could find an entire Reddit thread dedicated to the topic. But in that thread, I highly doubt I'd be finding the words "third-person shooter" in the mix that much, if at all. Because simply put, that's really not what the Final Fantasy series is about in any capacity. Sure, we got characters with guns, and there are some moments in FFXIII that resemble that mode, but it just isn't what Square Enix does.

credit//Square Enix

Until now. The trailer you see below was released today, serving as a teaser for the next DLC coming out next week, where everyone's favorite photographer Prompto heads off into a frozen part of Eos to have what feels like a Wolverine "where do I come from" origins story. I'm sure the content is fine as far as the story goes but was it truly necessary for Square Enix to throw in a totally different genre that doesn't match most of the RPG game you're playing?

But hey, who are we to judge? There's a lot in Final Fantasy XV that does against your traditional games in the series and people have loved it, so maybe they'll embrace this too. "Episode Prompto" will be released on June 27.

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