'The Inpatient' Revealed To Be A Prequel For 'Until Dawn'

‘The Inpatient’ Revealed To Be A Prequel For ‘Until Dawn’

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A second glance at The Inpatient trailer might make a little more sense to people now after it was revealed by Nik Bowen of Supermassive Games that the game is actually a prequel to their hit 2015 game, Until Dawn. We’re going to get into spoiler territory about the first game, so if you haven’t played it by now and don’t want to know, you should hold off on reading.

Back in the first game, there as a creepy looking hospital in the hills (because it’s a horror game) called the Blackwood Sanatorium, where you explore a couple of times looking for supplies and a way out of Wendigo country. It is here you find out a little more about the Wendigo as you discover the Sanitorium was running experiments on people to figure out the secrets behind the phenomenon that only occurred in the cursed hills of that area.

With that piece of information, it’s clear from the trailer that you will be one of those patients, experiencing the transformation (in VR, no less) and most likely trying to find a way of escape before you turn into one. That’s a nifty little way to keep the story going considering there’s little room for a sequel that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Still no release date on the game yet.

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