Marvel Announces Rock Variants For September

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Following in the success of Marvel’s popular hip hop variant program, which exploited hip hop album art for profit… er, we mean, which paid tribute to classic hip hop album covers through a series of “homages,” rock album variant covers will now begin rolling out from the publisher in September. A bizarrely short press release that didn’t even contain any Marvel executives clamoring for music cred revealed the news, as well as the five covers that will be homaged:

This September, Marvel will start the celebration of the close connection between music fans and comic readers with five Marvel Rock variant covers, straight from some of Marvel’s most acclaimed artists!

A truly unique and limited collection, only five covers will be released, each paying tribute to a classic rock band that defined and expanded the music form. Look for Marvel’s Rock variant covers on these select titles beginning this September:

Guardians of the Galaxy #9 – Marvel Rock Variant by MIKE HAWTHORNE & NATHAN FAIRBAIRN
X-Men Gold #11 – Marvel Rock Variant by MIKE DEL MUNDO
X-Men Blue #11 – Marvel Rock Variant by DANIEL ACUNA
Mighty Thor #23 – Marvel Rock Variant by MARCO RUDY
Inhumans: Once and Future Kings #2 – Marvel Rock Variant by DAMION SCOTT

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this limited series, when these Marvel Rock Variants make their way to comic shops this fall!

As you can see, Marvel claims that only five covers will be released, which seems unlikely, especially if they help to boost sales. Check out four of the covers below:

In the style of London Calling by The Clash (itself a pastiche of an Elvis Presley cover)


In the style of Appetite For Destruction by Guns N’ Roses


In the style of Nevermind by Nirvana


In the style of Parallel Lines by Blondie

They really missed the boat by not going full frontal on Rocket Raccoon. Sure, you would have had to brown bag it on shelves, but can you imagine how much a nude Rocket Raccoon variant would go for on eBay?!

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