Joe Sergi And Baltimore Lauren Talk Comic Lawsuits At Awesome Con

Joe Sergi And Baltimore Lauren Talk Comic Lawsuits, Old Comics At Awesome Con 2017

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Over the weekend at Awesome Con 2017, I had the honor of meeting, and interviewing, Joe Sergi from the CBLDF. He held a few panels over the weekend, one of which was the History of Comics. As I said in that article, I wish that panel had gone on for longer. It was honestly a real treat to watch. Thankfully I got to talk to Joe after the panel about a few things. Comics after World War II. Dan DeCarlo and Archie Comics. What up and coming writers should know. To be fair, I could talk and listen to Joe for hours. If you ever get a chance to see a panel of his at a con, do so! It is absolutely worth your time!

You can check out Joe Sergi’s website here, and you can even order his book, The Law For Comic Book Creators on Amazon here!

Joe Sergi writes on the history of comics and censorship for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Joe is an attorney and a Haller Award winning author who has written articles, novels, short stories, and comic books in the horror, scifi, and young adult genres. His first novel, Sky Girl and the Superheroic Legacy was selected Best of 2010 by the New PODler Review. The second book in the series, Sky Girl and the Superheroic Adventures, was released this year from Martin Sisters Publishing.

Since the creation of the comic book, cases of legal conflict and confusion have often arisen where concepts such as public domain, unincorporated entities and moral rights are involved. As a result, comics creators are frequently concerned about whether they are protecting themselves. There are many questions and no single place to find the answers–that is, until now. Entertaining as it instructs, this book seeks to provide those answers, examining the legal history of comics and presenting information in a way that is understandable to everyone. While not seeking to provide legal advice, this book presents the legal background in plain English, and looks at the stories behind the cases. Every lawsuit has a story and every case has lessons to be learned. As these lessons are explored, the reader will learn the importance of contracts, the basics of copyright and trademark, the precautions necessary when working with public domain characters and the effects of censorship.

Joe Sergi

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