‘The Fall Of Parker’ Possibly Coming From Amazing Spider-Man And Marvel Comics

Spinning out of Heroescon to Bleeding Cool’s ears comes the word that the upcoming Spider-Man storyline in Amazing Spider-Man (possibly beginning with a Marvel Legacy renumbering of #788) will be dubbed The Fall of Parker. In the Amazing Spider-Man comic book, recent years have seen Peter Parker be an international multimedia mogul. Using the company set up when he was possessed by Doctor Octopus, Parker Industries, to develop technology for his work as Spider-Man but also the world in general — such as his “Web Ware” (patent pending).

Fall of Parker - amazing spider-man

Recently, that came a cropper when he used his successful mobile phone system to transmit a worldwide signal to save the panel from clone zombification, but wrecking the devices in the process.

And in recent issues, he has used the company in the role of a privateer, destabilising and executing regime change of Sokovia, which happened to have the Green Goblin running the weapons division. Generally a pretty big giveaway that things may not be entirely kosher.

Parker Industries - Fall of Parker

So from both a private and a governmental position, Parker Industries has not been so hot and is looking like heading for a fall. But the title “The Fall Of Parker” may indicate something more than just his company hitting the skids.

More on The Fall of Parker when we hear it…

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