The Completely Blank Comic Book Goes Back To “Print”

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Nat Gertler of About Comics does a fine job in printing and keeping in print all manner of oddities of the comic book industry – and others. The non-Peanuts work of Charles Schulz, Kurt Busiek and James Fry‘s Liberty Project, facsimile copies of the Negro Motorist Green Book and much more.

But he also print one comic book without any content whatsoever. And is about to run a new printing of it. The Blank™ Comic Book

For those of you who don’t know the product, these are the format of a comic book – 24 pages, saddle-stitched, with cardstock covers – but they are totally and utterly blank. No drawings, no panel frames, no nothing. (And yes, retailers, that means no UPC, sorry.) Hand one to a kid, and you get a comic book right quickly. Hand one (and some money) to an artist, and you get a sketch cover. They have plenty of other uses.

Interested retailers should contact Nat Gertler at


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