Nightwing Vs Red Hood In The Latest DC Versus

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A lot of the DC Versus videos pit two characters who seem very different and a fight would be implausible or their powers don’t really equate. Others seem to be pretty much on-line like the League of Assassins (Shadows) versus the Court of Owls. This weeks is not only balanced and plausible, but likely to happen many times. Dick Grayson, the original Robin vs Jason Todd, the second Robin. Both were trained by Batman, but Nightwing is the more athletic and agile of the two while Red Hood is an expert marksman and will kill without hesitation. Grayson is better at tactics and planning while Todd prefers overwhelming force and firepower. On the downside, Nightwing is rash and impetuous, jumping in too soon often, but Red Hood has some serious issues and anger management problems.

The winner of this fight could easily change with each bout depending on the circumstances. Red Hood can win given time to plan out his attack, but Nightwing is better at thinking on his feet and how often are fights really planned?

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