Marvel Comics Objects To “MarvelPlus” Trademark For Chinese Sex Toys

Posted by June 18, 2017 Comment

Marvel Comics has objected to the application for trademark registration of the word “Marvelplus” by Chinese company Shenzhen Yibei Industrial Co.,Ltd, based in the New Guangming District of Shenzhen.

The company has claimed trademark status for the word “Marvelplus” for all manner of businesses including;

Air pillows for medical purposes; Artificial teeth; Baby bottles; Ear plugs for medical purposes; Hair prostheses; Love dolls; Masks for use by medical personnel; Orthopaedic belts; Orthopaedic footwear; Orthopaedic insoles; Orthopaedic knee bandages; Sex toys; Soporific pillows for insomnia; Sphygmomanometers; Suture materials; Thermal packs for first aid purposes; Medical, surgical and orthopaedic implants made of artificial materials; Respiratory masks for artificial respiration.

And obviously only one of them made it to the Bleeding Cool headline. We only had room for one in the headline, you see. Like you would have read the article if we’d just talked about sphygmomanometers.


Ah, a blood pressure monitor. Well, exactly.

But what would a Marvelplus sex toy look like? Would it stretch like Mister Fantastic? Become intangible like The Vision? Be furry like Rocket Raccoon? Or just be an action figure of Doop?

Am I the only one who feels some kind of competition coming on? After all if Marcel really wants to defend their trademrk, they should start using “Marvel” on all the different businesses and examples that are listed in the trademark application. We may already have a winner, courtesy of Sarmai.

But when it comes to defending their trademarks, I guess to Marvel, sighs matter. Still, it would make for some fine Marvel Legacy merchandise.

And no, not the artificial teeth.

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