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A few weeks ago, at Licensing Expo Las Vegas, Warner Bros showed off the Justice League costumes of Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash in big glass boxes, photos of which widely circulated on the net. Today, seeing an opportunity to take advantage of a slow news day to get press for the same images again, Warner Bros has posted new photos from the same event onto the official Justice League website. The photos server not only to give us a clear, obstruction-free view of the costumes, but also to show off someone’s rad Photoshop skills.

“They tell me, Vlad, take costume photos from last month and photoshop them on top of overly rendered generic concrete background number four. And take no more than three minutes to do it,” Warner Bros intern Vlad Kozinkerov explained to Bleeding Cool when we asked him to help us pad the word count for this article so we could stay compliant with entertainment media regulations. “So that is what I do.”

Kozinkerov said that he added the logos and plain white text to add some contrast to the composition, while a bright white light emanating from the butt of each character both symbolizes the ray of hope for Justice League following in the wake of Wonder Woman and hides any mistakes made while hastily cutting the Justice League costumes out from their background.

Justice League is set to hit theaters in November, and for the first time since The Dark Knight, the DCEU is heading into a superhero movie release in an environment where everybody actually enjoyed their previous one. Warner Bros will hope to capitalize on Wonder Woman’s success, so it’s probably a good thing thing she dodged the awful costume bullet that took out most of the rest of the team, and especially Batman. Woof!

Check out the photos below.

Justice League Costumes

Justice League Costumes - Aquaman

Justice League Costumes - Batman

Justice League Costumes - Cyborg

Justice League Costumes - Flash

Justice League Costumes - Wonder Woman


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