Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, 18th June 2017 – Forging A New Top Ten

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This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the “Wednesday Warriors”, those who can’t wait to the weekend to get this week’s comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

And thoroughly without equivocation, Dark Days takes the top. It almost had a complete sweep and but for two copies in one store, would have. A resounding success as DC Comics continues its dominance of the top of the chart in sales to readers.

  1. Dark Days: The Forge #1
  2. Detective Comics #958
  3. Flash #24
  4. Secret Empire #4
  5. Action Comics #981
  6. Wonder Woman #24
  7. Justice League Of America #8
  8. Star Wars #32
  9. Titans #12
  10. X-Men Blue #5

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Marvel placed three titles in our store’s Top Ten this week, which is an improvement–but the real growth came in the next ten position, with Marvel taking five more slots between #11 and #20. Interestingly, Secret Wars #4 sold more copies on Day One than either Secret Empire #2 or #3 did, which is a very positive change. The juggernaut of the week was Dark Days: The Forge, which sold more copies on day one than the next five books combined.

Strong interest in affordably priced 80s and 90s DC’s this week, scattered across the Batman, Superman, and Justice League families. Also, keen interest in the original Black Lightning series…


Dark Days: The Forge sold three times as much as 2nd place Detective Comics, which sold twice as much as Secret Empire #4. The surprise of the week in sales and quality? Old Man Logan #25! Great new direction, Ed Brisson & Mike Deodato nailed it. Nothing shocking this time around otherwise.


Dark Days: The Forge was our best seller at FFF this week, selling more than twice as many copies as the second best selling book. We only sold a handful at our Midnight release, but it sold steadily through the past few days. People aren’t as excited as they were for Rebirth, but DC has maintained customer interest and new reader curiosity and they’re keeping their fans pleased. The first Marvel book in the Top Ten was Secret Empire at #5. People are still interested in the series, but with the announcement of ANOTHER issue (and the delay of issue 6) I don’t foresee it lasting. Darth Vader #1 was the only other Marvel book in the Top Ten which is pretty good for a book. Speaking of books selling very well on their second week, Babyteeth #1 was #7. Our Store Exclusive variant is still selling great which is awesome to see. Kill the Minotaur was the only other indie book to make it into the Top Ten.

For the Top Twenty, Marvel fared slightly better with five more books (though they all fall at the last five places). Defenders is off to a mediocre start. It would’ve probably done better if they’d released it closer to the show, but I’m sure it’ll pick up when the Netflix series drops. Gwenpool sold more copies than Star Wars which goes to show that God has truly abandoned us. The Looney Tunes crossovers did better than I’d imagined they would with Marvin Martian/Martian Manhunter at #13 and Legion/Bugs Bunny at #16

We recently purchased a collection of older comics from the Silver to the Bronze age (and a few Golden age books!) which we’ve been selling through surprisingly well. Some of the highlights we sold were Detective Comics #411, The Forever People #1-5, Batman #88, and Avengers #4!


Great sales week. One of the most confusing ones ever due with summer and two stores closing not long ago. Getting new people in town while school is out and others from closed stores and then figuring out what titles they are going to want will most likely be a good thing over the next few months. Dark Days the Forge was our number one book. I read it Tuesdaynight and loved it. Told people if they were on the fence about it they could return it if they decided they didn’t like it. I have that much faith in the book. Secret Empire 4 barely made it in the top ten. Hoping that people that are interested in the book just have not had a chance to make it in yet. Suicide Squad blew out the doors even though I increased the order on it. Red Hood and the Outlaws keeps increasing in readership here. Star Wars and Secret Empire gives Marvel two titles in our top ten this week. DC’s Looney Toons team up issues look DOA sadly.


With new customers there are new interest in back issues and newer issues. All copies of the current Weapon X are now sold out. The current Suicide Squad issue 9 and on up are now sold out. One person was replacing his collection because it was stolen sadly. X Men Blue and Gold are currently seeing some love. Any issues of Amazing Spider-man’a first run with Venom and Carnage are now in demand.


Secret Empire #4 was our top seller this week. That being said, if I hadn’t just sold another copy of it 5 minutes ago, it would’ve tied with both The Forge and The Defenders. All three titles drew a good amount of interest this week, especially The Forge, despite our store pretty much always skewing indie. On that side of things, the Bitch Planet Triple Feature and the first issue of Garth Ennis’ new action-comedy Jimmy’s Bastards both made appearances in our top 10.


Dark Days the Forge #1 outsold everything by a mile this week, and I was really glad we went deep on it, because many shops apparently did not. That being said, we were still sold out by Thursday evening. DC had the next closest book as well, with Flash, and Marvel’s Secret Empire continues to do well, coming in the third spot. DC was strong all around this week holding a solid 5 of the top 10 spots, with Detective, Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad showing strongly. The next best placed Marvel book behind Secret Empire was Star Wars, proving the Star Wars line is still the strongest of the Marvel offerings. Old Man Logan, at a milestone #25 barely made the top 10. Out of the indies, most of which barely miss the top 10 each week, Planet of the Apes Green Lantern #5 landed strong in the 5th spot, and the Turtles are still hot with TMNT outpacing Logan this week.
Just outside of the top 10, Godshaper from BOOM!, Rai- History of the Valiant Universe from Valiant, Catalyst Prime Accell from Catalyst, and Betty and Veronica from Archie each barely missed one of the top spots, and placed better than the next highest books from Marvel or DC.

While current Marvel offerings are still underperforming to expectations, with a few exceptions, back issues of most Marvel titles older than 5 years have continued to do well. Copper Age is still a strong mover for Marvel core titles like X-Men, Spider-Man, Captain America, Daredevil, Hulk and Avengers.


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